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The Law of Attraction - How to Raise Your Vibration So You Can Live Your Best Life!

Who hasn’t had one of those days where nothing seems to go right?  You overslept and you’re late for work. You get in expecting a confrontation with your boss, and they make a passive aggressive comment that gets under your skin. The obnoxious girl at the desk opposite you is throwing you shade. You then can’t concentrate on your work because you’re in your head hating on your job, so you spend the day fantasizing about escape plans. You leave work anxious because you got nothing done, and you head straight to a date you’re now not in the mood for. You get there and the vibe is off - you’re sure they keep looking you up and down and at one point it seems like they’re texting someone else - what the heck. And now you’re really feeling not cute, you really should have changed, you hate your work outfit. You just don’t wanna be there. You could be at home eating pizza. You pretty much disengage, text your friends on the sly and vent about the awkwardness. Then you head home thinking you’ll never see that person again. You get into bed and write the whole thing off as a SH*T DAY.  OKAY - let’s wind it back. Imagine now that it was actually you who had created that day for yourself. In fact it was your perceptions and the filter you’d set for yourself at the outset that had dictated all of it - your passive aggressive boss, the girl throwing you shade, even your ‘rude’ date. Lots of you would be familiar with the term “The Law of Attraction”. This is becoming more and more the buzz word for the day. In simple terms, it’s the concept that 'like attracts like'. Everything in our world and the universe is interconnected by energy. Energy is emotion, which is created through thought. Every one person emits their own energy, or vibration, and whatever that vibration is will attract other people and circumstances that vibrate at the same level. In essence, what you focus on is what creates your reality.  With this in mind, let’s reimagine your bad day:

It starts the same - you oversleep, so you were late for work. Instead of getting stressed, you decide to focus on all the possibilities rather than the worst outcomes. You tell yourself everybody is late to work from time to time - you’re human! Getting dressed, you also remember you’ve got a date after work and you’re looking forward to it. When you get to the office, you are late, but your boss is on the phone and doesn’t seem to notice. You smile at the girl at the desk across from you and she offers to get you a coffee. You’re super productive, and by the time you get to your date, you’re excited for a well earned drink and some good conversation. Your date compliments you on your outfit. They tell you about their roommate they’re texting with who loves cooking and now you’re invited for pasta night on the weekend. You get home and fall into bed, and think to yourself what a GREAT DAY.  This is an example of how your energy affects your day to day. On your bad day, you woke up and decided it was going to be a bad day, and that’s the vibe you were sending out from the get go. You can choose your thoughts and frequency the way you can choose a radio or TV station. Whatever station you choose is the life experience you’re having moment by moment. Positive thoughts tune you into a high frequency and negative thoughts tune into a low frequency.  When you’re in a low frequency, you’re led by limiting thoughts - everything seems hard. You probably don’t believe that something you want is even possible, you behave in ways that block you from our own happiness. Now, if you imagine that you can tune into whatever frequency you desire, then imagine you practised ‘positive mindset’ as a rule and always tuned into a high frequency, where anything is achievable? Say you directed your thought processes (energy) towards your intentions, goals and desires?  Well, the possibilities are limitless!  This is called being in a high vibrational state. You are the master creator of your world. Believing that happiness is what you deserve, you will be more confident, and you will attract more of what aligns with your happiness. 

As humans it’s natural to feel disappointed, sad or stressed and these things will put you into a lower frequency. You still have the power to change the way things makes you feel. Practicing this technique will help you switch and remain in a high vibration. So how do we switch the channel when we’re feeling down? How do we tap into higher frequencies? In the end it’s about choosing to feel good! Anything that brings you joy will raise your frequency, and whatever that is, is personal to you. Whether that’s listening to your favorite music, going for a run, getting your hair done or speaking on the phone with a friend who makes you laugh. What are the fundamentals though? Let go of: fears, self doubts and limiting beliefs about yourself, anger, negativity and self judgment. Replace with acceptance and self love. Be and accept yourself as you are! When you love yourself unconditionally, you emit unconditional love - which is the HIGHEST FREQUENCY OF ALL!

Talsi xx

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