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2020 Goal Digger

How the heck is the first month of the new decade already over?! I have to say that I’m really happy about the progress I’ve been making for this new year. I’m not talking about my new years resolutions-I’m talking about my new year’s PLAN OF ACTION! How many of you have made yours already? Let me share a few tips on what’s been helping me turn my ideas into actual goals.

Let’s say you know that for this new year #2020whatsup you have two things on your mind that you want to do and then one change you want to make. It’s important to not add too many things on your list because you can get overwhelmed or you can just start to feel like a horrible person who needs to change their whole life around. For the sake of this blog, let’s say there are only three things on your “resolutions” list.

Your two things can be

1. Going to Niagara Falls

2. Painting your living room that shade of blue you’ve been craving

Then your personal goal (number 3) is to stop eating food so late at night (ehm relatable much).

The hardest part about starting off your new year’s resolution’s list is to actually think of something you want to get done/ to change!

I put resolutions in quotation marks because I personally don’t like that word and I don’t think that’s how we should start off every new year. We shouldn’t go into the new year already thinking that there’s a problem we need to fix. Let’s think of our list as more of something we want to accomplish within the next 12 months. These things should be attainable and worth the effort. I like to do 12 items for the year because in my mind I think I’m going to work on one of those a month (when really I pile them all together and may or may not wait until the last month to do them) but we won’t do that this year, right?!

OK, I’ve said in previous posts that our goals need to have a detailed plan of action. They can’t simply be “I want to be a good singer” and we just expect to somehow be a good singer without putting in the work. But let’s try to find ways to get us excited about our goals. I’m an aesthetic person so if I see something that looks good chances are I’m already excited to work on it. The conflict is that I’m also an organized person so even though I want my goals to be written all over my wall with glitter and LED lights, I need to tone it down or I won’t take it seriously. So I’ve gone ahead and started a spreadsheet this year for all of my 2020 goals.

I created my list on Google so that I can also modify it from my phone- even though I’m old school and really only like to use my laptop for work. I still managed to make it look good by color coating things and using fun fonts (LOL that I think some fonts are more fun than others).

Setting up timelines for the things we want to do is important but be ware because timeline doesn’t mean deadline. I don't like to give myself deadlines because it reminds me of being in school and that's gross. Using a timeline to determine more or less when you want to have something done by can really help you get the ball rolling. Let’s say you still want to paint your living room blue. Well, is there any occasion coming up where you will have people over? That could be a good excuse to make sure your house is ready and looking extra cute for your guests. Or who knows maybe that can even be an excuse to have people over! “I’ve changed my living room color scheme so BYOB people!” is definitely the kind of invite I would RSVP yes to.

Now it's your turn to really dedicate some time to thinking of a few things, or maybe 12, that you want to look back on a the end of the year and say "wow, I really did all of that." The only things we end up regretting are the things we don't try!

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