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There's a Time and Space for Everything

I recently visited the Griffith Observatory (for what was probably my 20th time there) and every time I visit I can’t help but feel overwhelmed once I leave. Regardless of what my religious beliefs may be or what opinions I have on what goes on in space, I’m sure we can all agree that the information we are given about outer space is just incredible. It’s mind boggling to see all of the photos scientists and astronauts have been able to capture about things surrounding our world.

How many times have we heard the expression “there’s a time and place for that”? I mostly hear it when I want to make an inappropriate joke and someone reminds me it is not the right setting for such humor.. but really I hear it all the time for all sorts of instances. What I’m learning is that the scenarios us humans face in every day life really have a lot in common with what goes on in our galaxy!

For example, there is the Big Bang Theory which according to scientists happened 13.8 billion years ago. And I won’t get into the specifics of it (you can watch a quick explanation of it here ) but basically it’s when bunch of things in space stretched out and created what we now know is the Universe, including our beautiful planet Earth. Don’t things like this happen to us every day? I mean come on, I can’t be the only one who feels like there’s a huge explosion in my life then later on I realize that explosion was for the best and it actually made my life better. (Like when I got cancer and I thought it was terrible but then I realized it was the best thing that could have happened to me because it made me a stronger badass woman). This I guess ties into the question if everything really does happen for a reason?

Space nerds (whom I have much respect for) will say we have to understand spacetime in order to understand the evolution of our entire Universe and how it can also affect our future. Isn’t understanding the timing of everything that happens in our lives also key to helping us understand what will go on in our future? This isn’t a lesson about learning from our mistakes or having to reflect on all the wrong doing we have done in order to avoid any mishaps in the future. This is about taking a moment to look back at all of our biggest accomplishments and trying to find a commonality with them so that hopefully they can be repeated.

What is the last thing you did that you were really proud of? Did it happen by accident or was it something you worked for? Life is all about growing, changing, evolving, and it doesn’t always happen so smoothly in that order. But if we try to pay close attention to our actions and the how/why we do things, we might be able to see that there truly is a right time and space for everything that we do.

It’s hard to try new things because we hate feeling like failures. I think what we need to do more of is not give up on something just because it didn’t work out once or twice or maybe a dozen times. We have to consider all of the factors! Like maybe you wanted to host a super chill dinner party with your closest friends over the weekend and it turns out no one showed up. Are you going to just never host a dinner party again? Or are you going to think about maybe why no one showed up? Perhaps your invite was not very detailed, or maybe you forgot to specify the purpose for the dinner party, or it could’ve been that you chose to host it on a holiday weekend where most people were out of town. I mean it could very well be that you just need new friends. But for now let’s just say that you should give it another go!

There is a time and space for everything that we do. Things won't just magically work out the second time we try things, unless we take a look back at how the outcome was in the past to see what we can change in order to have a more positive future. Think about this next time you feel like quitting. Take notes on yourself, take notes on the tiny actions you make and study them! You’ll be surprised to learn that what worked for you at one point in time may not work for you now. So long a there is room for self improvement, there is room for success.

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